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published on DER GREIF Magazine | Guest Room - Curator: Lesley A. Martin | 2016 january 21

The violence of breaking logic. 
Visual discontinuity can become an attack, anxious when the cause is unknown, so we tend to look for solutions to any problem, even the non-sense.

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10 12 13 | arno


The fight between the need and the will.
Are you free enough to show yourself to others? Do you really want to? 

my father

ele f ant

ele f ant
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The project aims to reflect the unexpected uses at any given time in a space designed for one particular purpose.

In a museum environment, associated with contemplation, silence, leisure and culture, violence suddenly erupts in a disturbingly normal tone. This reflects the fragile society we live in, and the risks involved of not being able to control the behavior of others; often as a result of the mood or mental health state they are in.

We all remember the Columbine High School massacre, as well as the accurate Gus Van Sant film about those events.


welcome (pinhole)

Those interested in photography should try to make a camera with their own hands at least once in life.
It was to me an unforgettable experience.

04 10 05 | erased memories

erased memories


10 12 09 | scusa oliviero

scusa oliviero

È solo il remake di un ammiratore.

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01 07 20 | jugar conmigo

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