a celebration

I wanted to work about happiness, not only as an ethereal concept, but also physical; vulnerable. As a person you know or may have known.
I asked four women to meet and talk, finally asking them separately to answer the same three questions.

1- Do you know her?
2- When was the last time you met her?
3- Describe her with a few adjectives. Virtues and defaults.

woman A
1- Yes
2- I think I caught a glimpse of her this morning, but she vanished around a corner before I could see if it was really her.
3- Brave, reflective, contradictory, imperfect, patient.

woman B
1- Yes.
2- When I saw my family after a long time apart.
3- She's cruel, I forget everyone's defects. hopeful. perfectionist. indulgent. irresponsible. she makes me feel invincible.

woman C
1- Yes, I know happiness, my son gives me happiness every second of the day.
2- I am lucky enough to know happiness every day since my son was born. happiness comes as part of the package of being a mother.
3- Happiness-euphoria, gratefullness, sadness, love & relationship.

woman D
She didn't answer the questions.

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